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Can you name the Canadian Ecozone?

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Vancouver is in this ecozone
This continental ecozone is good for agriculture, but also has oils and gas development
This ecozone is almost entirely in the Northern Yukon
This ecozone contains the northern parts of the Canadian shield
If you went to this ecozone, you would want to bring your coat, because the temperature could be anywhere between -30 and 5 Celsius
The highest mountain in Canada is in this ecozone
Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are part of this ecozone
This ecozone has tundra soils, with no trees, permafrost, and bare rock.
Ecozone with the highest population
This ecozone takes up most of Alberta, and some of Saskatchewan and Manitoba
This ecozone is north of the Boreal plains, and has trees like the trembling aspen, jack pine, tamarack, and paper birch
This ecozone is the largest in canada
This ecozone covers a large part of eastern B.C.
This ecozone has virtually no growing season
This ecozone is south of Husdson Bay, and is mostly swampy lowlands

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