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Type of Image Formed by CONVEX lenses LESS than ONE F AWAY
Snell's law gives you the _________.
Speed of light in vacuum/speed of light in material =?
The tough white covering of the eye
Behind the retina, it absorbs excess radiation
Another liquid in the eye that helps keep it moist.
Jelly-like substance in the eye.
Converging lens is lso known as _______.
1/f = 1/Do + 1/Di
The refracted ray of light follows a path exactly along the surface (forming a 90 degree angle with the normal) and does not leave this medium
THin, transparent glass tube that can transmit light even around corners.
Type of Image Formed by CONVEX lenses AT ONE F AWAY
Type of Image Formed by CONVEX lenses BETWEEN ONE and TWO F AWAY
Imaginaryvertical line drawn through the optic center of a lens
Type of Image Formed by CONVEX lenses MORE than 2f Away
'The screen' of the eye which captures the light and sends the information to the optic nerve.
Aperture through which light enters the eye
Light reflects completely off the inside wall of a denser medium (high refractive index) rather than passing through.
THe bending of light rays as they pass between two media
Diverging lens is also known as a ______.
Speed of light in vacuum
The refraction of white lightinto separate wavelengths of colour
The second cranial nerve and is responsible for vision
diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil and regulates the amount of light entering into the eye.
The amount by which the speed of light decreases in a medium is listed on this index.
Muscle that controls the shape of lens (helps to adjust)
Strong clear bulge in front of eye that refracts light rays entering.
N1 sin (theta 1) = N2 sin (theta 2)
Type of Image Formed by CONVEX lenses AT 2f
Type of Image formed by CONCAVE lenses

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