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Second longest wave length and second lowest frequncy.Used in radar technology and to heat up food.
What theory states that coloured matter selectively absorbs different colours and that the absorbed colours are “subtracted” from the reflected light that is seen by the eye?
What is the symbol for a wavelength?λ
Black _____ all colours.
Distance from crest to crest Measured in Meters
Light produced by a chemical reaction.Very efficient as there is very little heat loss.
Main source of this type of wave is the sun and other stars.Used to disinfect water but can also lead to skin cancer.
Rate of repetition of a wave.Measured in Hertz (cycles per second)
What is the symbol for frequency?
Creating light through friction.Rubbing crystals of Wint-O-Green Lifesavers
A disturbance that transfers energy from one point to another without matter transfer.Do you really need a hint for this???
We experience this type of wave as heatBurglar alarms and night vision googles.
Longest wave length and lowest frequncy.Used mainly for communications
The ability of plants/animals to create visible light through chemical reactions.90% of all sea creatures use this
Very high radiation form that is used for medical diagnosisAlso used for airport security.
The ability to store energy from a source of light and slowly emit will eventually fade, but can quickly recharged.
Light that is produced when a suitable substance is exposed to EM radiation.Tubes filled with mercury and the inside is coated with phosphor. When electric current passes through tube, mercury emits EM and phosphor glows.
The highest point of a wave
What theory states that white light is composed of different colours (wavelengths) of light, such as red green and blue (primary colours).
Extremely high energy radiation with one of the shortest wave lengths and highest frequencyBlack holes and neutron stars are the main producers. Used to sterilize medicine equipment or as a cancer treatment
The distance from the rest position to the crest
The lowest point of a wave
Light that is produced by an object (such as a metal filament) that is heated until it emits light.Very inefficient (only 5% of electrical energy is converted into light)
Electric current passes through air or gas.Lightning, sparks
f x λ = ?

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