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Amount of solar energy recieved by a region of Earth.
Sequence of events that cycles back to one of the earlier events in the sequence and enhances the outcome.
Large geographical region with a defined climate
Contribution of money to a carbon sink to compensate for an individual/compay's GHG emissions
Transfer of thermal energy by moving particles
Absorption of thermal energy by the atmosphere maintain Earth at an average temperature suitable for life.
Process that releases CO2 into the atmosphere
Relatively thin layer of Earth that has conditions suitable for supporting life.
Percent of incoming solar radiation reflected by a surface.
Process that takes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it.
Emission of energy as waves
Enhancement of natural greenhouse effect due to increased greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity.
Transfer of thermal energy through direct contact between the particles of a substance without moving the particles.
Total amount of greenhouse gas emissions casued directly and indirectly by an individual/company.
Difference between the amount of incoming radiation and amount of outgoing radiation
Hydrocarbons formed underground as organic matter was compressed over millions of years.

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