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Forced Order
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Canada's main agricultural exportAlso the symbol of Saskatchewan
In what province are the Queen Charlotte Islands
Oldest city in North AmericaDon't forget the 'apostrophe s'
The world's second largest nationThis country also has the MOST coastline
National sport of CanadaNo, it's not hockey...
Province with the greatest number of hours of average annual sunshine
What nationality was discriminated against during WW2?
In what port was the renowned Bluenose schooner built?
The largest city in CanadaAlso the capital of Ontario
West Coast aboriginals known for totem poles
The southernmost point in CanadaLocated in Lake Erie
What is the highest waterfall in Canada?City in British Columbia
The largest island in Canada
In what province is Algonquin Park located?
The only fortified city in North America (excepting Mexico)
The capital of Nunavut
The original name of Toronto
The largest of the Great LakesAlso the most northerly lake
The capital of Canada
The smallest province in Canada
The largest tides in Canada
Longest street in Canada
The largest province in Canada
The largest lake entirely in Canada
Canada's oldest national parkLocated in Alberta
The highest mountain in Canada
What Canadian city is recognized by the UN as the most multicultural city?Also the capital of Ontario

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