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QUIZ: Can you name the Plant Tissue?

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DescriptionPlant TissueHint
What type of tissue transports food, minerals and nutrients throughout plant?Eg. Xylem or Phloem tissue
What type of tissue offers food storage, support and protection?Eg. Roots
Completely undifferentiated tissue. Found in the buds or roots of plant.
Type of ground tissue that offers structural support.
Thin elongated structures on the surface of leaves, resposible for lowering water loss.Decrease the flow of air over the leaf. Type of dermal tissue
Vascular tissue used for transporting food and organic matter to rest of plantSieve and companion cells
Spherical cells responsible for photosynthesis, food storage and regeneration.Chlorenchyma, transfer cells. Groudn tissue
DescriptionPlant TissueHint
Contain chlorplasts and regulate gas exchange between leaf and envirnoment.Also known as Guard Cells.
ALL plant cells originate from this type of tissue.
Thin elongated strutctures on the surface ROOTS. Increase water intake by increasing the surface area of the cellType of Dermal tissue.
A lateral meristemResponsible for moving war/food throughout the plant
Vascular tissue that transports water and dissolved minerals to the rest of plant. Contains vessels and tracheids.
What type of tissue protects the inner tissue. Prevents water loss and controls gas exchange.Eg. Tree bark
Type of ground tissue that offers rigid support and protection (similar to our skeletal system)Consists of sclereids and fibres

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