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Can you name the Stages of the Cell Cycle?

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DescriptionPart of Cell CycleHint
These form to move the chromatidsCentrioles act as poles for these.
The cell creates a copy of its DNA.
Cell grows organelles needed for cell division.Shortest stage of Interphase
Who first proposed the Cell Theory?1838- think swans...
The sister chromatids separate at the centromere forming two full chromosomes
Chromosome is completely condensed and line up in the middle of a cell
The period of growthProduction of proteins and organelles
When a cell dies a natural death as part of a healthy organism
DescriptionPart of Cell CycleHint
What percent of time is spent in Interphase?
The cell membrane pinches inwards, splitting into two cells.End of M stage
Creating an identical cellHas five stages
Cells die when they suffer injury or is damaged beyond repair
The cell divides into two new daughter cells Nuclei form again.
He first observed cells1655 - they were cork tree cells
Chromatin condenses to form chromosomes, nuclear structures disintegrateFirst stage

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