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HintCell PartDescription
Organelle of interconnected tubes which carry material through cell
The little sacs that make up a chloroplastCollec solar energy and help transofrm it into carbohydrates
Large central _______ which stores water (becomes firm & offers structural support))Mainly in PLANT cells
Membrane bound organelles which transport substances throughout cellMainly in Animal Cells
The jellylike substance inside the cellCarries nutrients to the organelles
The protective barrier of double layer of fat lipids for every cellAllows intake of nutritition for cells
The process through which nutrients enter the cellmoves from high to low concentration until it reaches equilibrium. Also known as Osmosis.
Only found in plant cells, vital for photosynthesisContain chlorophyll
HintCell PartDescription
A long coiled piece of DNA and proteins DURING CELL DIVISIONNOT Chromatin
Paired structures involved in cell divisionONLY IN ANIMAL CELLS
Contains the cell's DNAIn the nucleus.
Recieves protiens from endoplasmic reticulum (modify, sort and package)Stack of flattened membranes. DO NOT SAY BODIES, other term!!
Piece of DNA and proteinsNOT Chromosomes
Building blocks of life
The control center of the cell
Organelles which supply energy
HintCell PartDescription
Organelles used for digestionFilled with enzymes
Where proteins are assembledSmall dense organelles, may be attached to the rough endoplasmic ret.
Animal cells store energy in the form of __________.NOT lipids, the other one
Type of endoplasmic reticulum associated with proteinsMade of protein filaments
A protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the cell and help cell digestion.A type of catalyst
Type of endoplasmic reticulum associated with fats
Internal network of fibres

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