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The number of deaths per 1000 people
The number of births per 1000 people
Number of immigrants per 1000 people
Number of emigrants per 1000 people
The time it takes for a population to double in size
Doubling time: divide 70 by population growth rate
D-T M stands for what?
How many stages are in a D-T M?
The amount of people younger than 15 or older than 65 are a country's what?
The average number of babies born throughout a woman’s lifetime in a country.
The average amount of years that you are expected to live from your current age, usually referred to as life expectancy at birth.
The amount of population with the ability to read, write or have access to education in every 1000 people. It might also be the literacy rate for a country.
The total output of a country in reference with its population. It is affected by inflation and it is can be measured by examining a country’s cost and budget (exports, governmen
Natural Increase + Net Migration = ?
The increase or decrease of a population over a period of time.
The speed of decreasing or increasing population based on whether there are more births or more deaths.
Birth Rate – Death Rate = ?
What stage of DTM = all human populations before 1800s? High brith & death rates and slow population growth.
What stage of DTM = rise in overall population (high birth rate with LOW death rate) caused by decline in death rate with medical, scientific and economic innovations
What stage of DTM = population begins to stabilize through birth rate decline, developed countries. Decrease in fertility rate.
What stage of DTM = chracterized by stability and the population age structure has become older. little population growth/
What stage of DTM = speculative stage referred to as the birth dearth with higher death rates than birth rates.
Bar graph which shows population (divided by gender) by age division.

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