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The day to day characteristics of temperature, rain/precipitation in a specific area.
North of the Boreal forest
Most northerly climate region in Canada
Largest Canadian forest area
'P' in a temperature content refers to what?COOL (formed between 55 & 66 degrees N))
The boundary between the cold, dry polar air and warm tropical air is called what?
The distance (north south) from the equator.The closer to the equator, the warmer as you get more direct sun rays.
Air masses from the Carribean would be considered what (temperature and moisture notation)
Southern Ontario and Quebec
Air masses from Central America would be considered what (temperature and moisture notation)
Wind in Canada is called what?Not from the east,,,
'm' in moisture content refers to what?WET (formed over water)
'c' in moisture content refers to what?DRY (formed over land)
'T' in a temperature content refers to what?HOT (formed near the tropics)
'A' in a temperature content refers to what?VERY COLD (formed over the arctic)
Includes the Rocky Mountains, BC and Yukon mainly.
Air masses from Baffin Island would be considered what (temperature and moisture notation)
High altitude current of fast-moving air is called what?Airplanes fly here.
What is created when the cold Labrador Current meets the warm Gulf Stream?Creates low visibility so they use lighthouses.
Regions close to water have less temperature variation and a different climate.
Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
This moves warm/cold air masses from one region to another
The height above sealevelThe higher up, the colder
Most westerly climate region in Canada
Most easterly climate region in Canada
They move warm or cold water from one region to another.
Air from the Pacific Ocean would be considered what (temperature and moisture notation)
Physical features such as mountain ranges. Mountains would block air masses or rain, affecting climate
Long term weather patterns over a large area.

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