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Forced Order
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ArtworkArtistCountry of Origin
Venus of UrbinoVenetian
Composition with Yellow, Blue, and RedDutch
The CornfieldDutch
The Child's BathAmerican
Charles I in Hunting DressFlemish
The Girl with a Pearl EarringDutch
Removal of the Body of St. MarkVenetian
The Sacrament of the Last SummerSpanish
The Green LineFrench
Adoration of the MagiDutch
The Rake's ProgressEnglish
The Artist's Mother Arranged in Gray in BlackAmerican
Composition VIIRussian
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes TulpDutch
Nude Descending a StaircaseFrench
Le CirqueFrench
The Slave ShipEnglish
Luncheon on the GrassFrench
Gulf StreamAmerican
The Garden of PontoiseFrench
Jungle with a LionFrench
The Yellow ChristFrench
ArtworkArtistCountry of Origin
Tiger HuntFrench
Boy with a PipeSpanish
Raft of the MedusaFrench
Marriage of the VirginItalian
The KissAustrian
The GleanersFrench
Third of MaySpanish
Love and PainNorwegian
Women in Green HatFrench
Bella with White CollarRussian
At the Moulin Rouge French
Death on a Pale HorseAmerican
Death of a VirginItalian
Blue BoyEnglish
Christina's WorldAmerican
Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a CrucifixionEnglish
A Bigger SplashEnglish
Raising of the CrossFlemish
Death of MaratFrench
Rape of the Sabine WomenFrench
The Treachery of ImagesBelgian
Luncheon of the Boating PartyFrench
American GothicAmerican

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