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'...come here, come here, let me move your body baby...'
'...I know you felt the way I've looked into your eyes, don't ever lie...'
'...everyday, everynight, neomani nareul chaeul su inneun geol...'
'...nan amugetdo motaejwonneunde neon kkeuteobsi jugiman haneunde wae...'
'...wae naege iraetni why? daeche naege wae geuraetni make me cry...'
'...neomu tteugeoweoyo eoreobuteun naeui mameul nogyeoyeo...'
'...hey girl, i cant live without you, i cant forget you...'
'...hanbun duh neh mameul arajwuh, neol wihan nun mureul badajwo...'
'...low low low to the flow we got a future kanjirou (aight!)...'
'...Urineun ttaeron two lovers like, romantic comedy. Hwamyeon sogeui left right, geujeo nan gamanhi...'

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