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Who was the first emperor of Rome?
Who was the last pagan emperor
Whose betrayal let the Sabines inside Roman walls after the Rape of the Sabines?
Who was the first emperor with a full beard?
Who was emperor when Mt. Vesuvius erupted and finished building to Colosseum?
Who was exiled from Rome and brought an army to the gates but was stopped by his mother and wife?
Who chose to bring a group of young boys back to Rome after escaping capture herself?
Whose murder ended the reign of the decemviri?
Who was king of the Sabines during the reign of Romulus?
Who defended the Pons Sublicius from Porsenna's army?
What tribe of Latins was defeated at Mt. Algidus?
Who was king of Clusium and tried to capture Rome so Superbus could restore the monarchy?
What commander won at the Battle of Zama?
What tribe of Latins was defeated by Camillus?
Who was the 13th king of Alba Longa and the great-grandfather of Romulus and Remus?
Who seized the most beautiful woman during the Rape of the Sabines?
Who was consul seven times?
What battle ended the Pyrrhic Wars?
Sardinia and Corsica were two of Rome's first oversea provinces. After what war were they obtained?
This battle was a Pyrrhic victory againt Decius Mus the Third.
In what year was Julius Caesar's first consulship?
Who were the Civil War emperors? (there are four)
Who was the last of the Five Good emperors?
Who was the last emperor of Rome?
Who was the first king of Rome?

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