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Twitter nameComposerTweet
@princesskillerI'm making an opera with a defined heroine #BadEnding
@thetitanWow this symphony seems to require, like, 1,000 people #exageration
@bassontopPiano suite coming up #ArtExhibit
@questionanswerLOL My symphonies are weird. Now to sell insurance #TwoHats
@pianoprep433... #silence
@angrysovietnerdHere's that nationalist symphony Stalin loves #HeDoesntGetIt #ImAlive
@commonman#MURICA #WildWest
@whysoserialThis tweet has twelve words that do not repeat at all #atonal
@stringqkingJust finished my 106th symphony #tired
@lesacrebirdMy ballet premiere didn't go so well #riot
@porgyandbestI left some holes in..... so you can improvise #clarinet
Twitter nameComposerTweet
@beesandtsarsBees definitely fly. #buzzingnoise
@fugueartist17Inspired to make a chorale #Jesus
@pomptoompUggh. My music puts the 'moan' in graduation ceremonies #stop
@bolerocerealI got punched in the face by a snare drummer today #ow. He's strong after playing my music.
@koyaanifishWrote a new piece. Wrote a new piece. Wrote a new piece. #premiere
@nachtmusik1Flutes are so magical #legit
@deafmusicThe sadness and #melancholy the of moonlight gives me an idea for a legit piece
@hammersmithmanPLUTO IS NOT A PLANET. I'M NOT ADDING IT #dealwithit
@sinenomnomnom@hammersmithman calm down there buddy. Maybe listen to Fantasia on @tomtallis #calm
@unfinishedthi#yes i might finish this symp-
@vikinghelmet67Wow, my operas are long #nooneisawake
@swanmanThose things that break shells in #Christmas are so weird i might just make a ballet.

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