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Can you name the people Joey says 'How you doin'?' to in FRIENDS??

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Joey demonstrates the power of the phrase.The One with Rachel's Crush
Joey sees her as he's nodding off, and ends up coming onto the entire room.The One with all the Wedding Dresses
He meets her at Ross and Emily's rehearsal dinner, and she likes when he 'talks New York'.The One with Ross's Wedding
Joey wants to fall in love with a best friend... and he saw her first.The One with a Cop
Joey uses this line to see how drunk she is.The One in Vegas
He just needs to relieve some built up flirting energy... but this probably isn't the way to go.The One where Phoebe Runs
He was trying to repel her, but now even his trademark line doesn't work.The One where Phoebe Runs
He starts to flirt before Rachel stops him, angrily.The One with Rachel's Sister
After establishing that she is a fan, but NOT crazy, Joey starts to flirt.The One that Could Have Been
Joey idly hits on her, but his co-worker Wayne has a big crush on her.The One where Ross meets Elizabeth's Dad

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