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Forced Order
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'I broke the window again!'
'Whatever you say, TJ Hooker!'
'Uh, Dad, I think you're confusing Steve with someone who gives a flying rat's ass?'
'What do you think of my new chin, is it better than last year's?'
'I can't believe we actually had sex with these ass-wads!'
'Did you grab my ass?'
'Guys, this is the coat room'
'You know Doug, just because you and your brother are having problems it doesn't mean you have to refer to my intellectual capacity in a diminutive manner'
'And wear something nice, Emily's back from school'
'Well, I don't know, you sneaky little card swiper'
QuoteWho said it
'Is that a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants'
'You see Dad, Doug is like a fax machine...'
'You're an ass, Doug!'
'Plant-Lamp Store! It sounds better, seriously'
'That's why we love you, and hate you'
'Sir from where I am standing that is a physical impossibility'
'It's really European of you. It's really sexy. And I don' mean to brag, but I have really really really good taste in what's sexy' [bathing suit]
'Why go out for a burger when you got steak at home?'
'It's not enough you have to go to stupid clubs every night, you have to come here, cut up my plants and make toys of them?!'
'So I'm standing there, waiting to use the payphone, and the guy on the phone turns around, and tips his hat, like this...'

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