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Can you name the Can you name the people and things concerning the film Goodfellas??

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Who/WhatIt was...
'As far back' as they can remember, who 'always wanted to be a gangster'?
Who moved slow because they 'didn't move for anybody'?
Crazy, short-tempered (and short) boy Henry grew up with?
Who is Henry's wife?
Who is Robert De Niro in this film?
What do Henry and Jimmy have in common?
What do Henry and Jimmy get themselves into after jail?
Friday nights were for the wives, but Saturday nights were for the...
What does Frankie Carbone buy his wife despite Jimmy's strict warning about keeping under the radar regarding spending?
Why does Jimmy Two-Times have such a nickname?
Who/WhatIt was...
Who claims they're 'half Jewish'? (Only the good half)
Who is the woman with whom Henry is having an affair and Karen finds out?
How many kids do Henry and Karen have?
Who does Tommy kill at their 'Welcome Home' party?
What does Billy Batts tell Tommy to go home and get?
What does Morrie sell?
Where is Batts put after he is 'killed'?
Where does Henry travel to get his 'supplies'?
What does Henry's babysitter have that is 'lucky'?
Does Henry live out his whole life as 'schnook?'

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