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_____'s gettin some work done (Head nod, wink wink)?
I will come down there and kill everyone wearing a Zebra shirt?
Well thats not nice, what if there is someone there who works at footlocker??
Wow, our maturity is just glowing right now.?
Only 12 yards! I could get 12 yards against that team.?
Broken clock is right twice a day.?
Its a ticking time bomb. In 9 months it will go off?
No Taylor we can't kill her or fight her.?
We need to get this little girl out of my room.?
Randy plays when he wants to play?
Haha its funny cuz your fat!?
Eh, **** French.?
Guys, I have a girlfriend and I don't care what you think!?
Lets have sexy timr?
We should form an alliance. Your a very strong player and I trust your sense of judgement.?
Jaffe, we need to teach you how to yell at a tv.?
Whats in the cup?...Coke...Ok have a good night.?

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