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Where does Mark's girlfriend (Erica Albright) go to college?
Because of this, what does he say she doesn't have to do?
What final club did Mark want to be a part of?
What does Mark say he could never do?
According to Erica, why will no girls like Mark?
But why will he think no girls like him?
What is the name of the first website Mark creates in his dorm?
What did his friend original tell him to compare girls to?
Who gave the speech at Harvard that Mark and Eduardo met girls during?
What does Eduardo get accused of?
What does Sean Parker say is cooler than a million dollars?
What does Eduardo say was Sean's best advice?
Who are the Winklevoss twins?
Tyler Winklevoss says: 'I'm 6'5, 220, and theres_________'?
What does one of the twins break after their meeting at Harvard?
What does Christy do with the scarf Eduardo gives her?
What does Eduardo say is at the cleaners?
What does Eduardo call Mark?
How does Eduardo think he looks standing next to Sean?

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