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Can you name the Friends (tv show) Secrets?

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Hint: Who said that?
What did Ross eat that made him sick on Space Mountain? Chandler
What was his response? Ross
What did the employees rename the park? Chandler
What does Monica call him? Monica
What did Chandler do in Atlantic City? Ross
What was his response?Chandler
What did Ross wear in college?Chandler
What contest did Chandler win? Ross
What place did Ross get? Chandler
What did Ross do after the contest?Chandler
Hint: Who said that?
What did Monica do when she was sent to bed without dinner? Ross
What was her response? Monica
What did Ross used to do on Saturday nights?Monica
What could Monica not do until she was 13? Ross
What is her response? Monica
What did Chandler wear to work one time? Monica
What does Monica say? Monica
What does Ross say Chandler did when he got drunk in college? Ross
What is Chandler's response? Chandler
What is Ross's response? Ross

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