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Can you name the answers to these When Harry Met Sally trivia questions?

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What is Harry's last name?
What is Sally's last name?
Where do Harry and Sally meet?
What is the name of Harry's best friend?
What is the name of Sally's best friend?
What is Sally's occupation?
What is Harry's occupation?
What is the name of Sally's ex-boyfriend?
What is the name of Harry's ex-wife?
Who wrote When Harry Met Sally?
What year was When Harry Met Sally released?
Who directed and produced When Harry Met Sally?
Who plays Harry?
Who plays Sally?
What cookie is Harry eating while watching Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve?
What color is Sally's bridesmaid dress?
Who plays Harry's best friend?
Who plays Sally's best friend?
What football teams are playing when Harry tells his friend about his divorce?
What does Sally fake in the middle of a deli to prove a point?
What song do Harry and Sally sing while shopping?
What section of the bookstore is Harry in when he sees Sally for the third time?
Who created the music for the movie?
Why don't they make 'Sunday' days of the week underpants?
What movie are Harry and Sally watching while talking on the phone?
Who did Sally have 'plenty of good sex' with?
What temperature does Harry say Sally gets cold at?
What is the name of the man Harry's ex-wife is with he runs into her?
What state is Harry from?
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