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Can you name these less memorable Survivor contestants based on a description of their games?

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This Borneo cast member was the first of six Pagongs to have their torch snuffed consecutively, but he was the only one not to make the merge
Australia's 3rd jury member was not only the first person to ever purchase an item at the Survivor auction, but also the only Kucha member to win an individual challenge
She spent most of her time on Africa throwing up because she was afraid of drinking the water. This got her voted off before bean stealer Clarence
This Marquesas contestant had the most votes cast against them of any contestant all season (11), with at least 2 cast against them in all four tribal councils they attended
Among Thailand's many forgetable contestants, this castawat was the youngest woman on her season, and Survivor's first pre-merge jury member
Predating Chris Daughtry's inability to use a balance beam, this contestant from the Amazon was the second Asian-American to play, after Shii-Ann from Thailand
Part of Pearl Islands' controversial Outcasts tribe, this member received only 1 vote to return to the game, after being voted off of the Drake tribe
One of All-Star's least famous contestants, this returnee was the only Chapera woman to be voted out all season, becoming the 3rd jury member
The first castaway ever voted off on Day 10, this Lopevi member voted for Rory at every tribal council he attended, and did 0 post-game interviews thanks to the FBI
This former Marine was the only member of Koror eliminated pre-merge, but at least he got the immunity idol nicknamed after him by fans
Along with Sonja from Borneo, Guatemala's first boot is the oldest first boot ever, largely thanks to injuries and illness sustained during the first reward challenge
She's the only original Casaya member to have been a member of La Mina during Panama
Also forgotten by the jury, this Cook Islands finalist is the first finalist ever to receive 0 votes to win at Final Tribal Council
She outlasted Mellisa McNulty by 3 days in Fiji, which isn't much of an accomplishment. Additionally, she was the only official Caucasian-American female contestant on this season
The final castaway voted out before China's merge, this contestant was one of four to be moved in this season's tribe swap
This Fan from Micronesia was the first male to be eliminated from his tribe, after Tracy convinced Joel to vote him out
The only woman from Gabon to never be a member of Fang was also the only woman voted off from Kota
Survivor's youngest ever contestant by age at filming, he was the only male member of Tocantin's Jalapao tribe to be voted out all season
He is one of five people to ever be disqualified from a challenge, and was the only male voted out pre-merge in Samoa
Arguably Survivor's most forgetable 3-time player, this castaway has the least days played among three-timers (72) despite lasting until day 31 on Heroes vs Villains
Among the three men to be voted off of Nicaragua's Espada tribe, he was the only one not named Jimmy
Now known as Wyatt Nash, it's hard to remember this castaway despite being the first person to escape Redemption Island
Despite giving himself a lovable nickname, he was the only male not to make South Pacific's merge
This One World contestant is Survivor's first day 5 boot, and the only contestant to be the first person voted out of a season and not be voted out in the first episode
This jury member applied for Survivor 12 times and survived stage 4 cancer before becoming Philippines' oldest contestant, and getting 8 whole confessionals this season
She's the Fan from Caramoan who (to her detriment) cuddled with Reynold, and now works as a casting director for the show
Among the three Tadhana pre-merge boots who saw their loved one make it to Blood vs Water's Final Tribal Council, she's the only one to not survive a duel on Redemption Island
Cagayan's first boot is much more famous in MLB as the president of the Miami Marlins
Tying a record for fewest days played while still making the merge, this quitter was also the only female to win a duel in San Juan del Sur
In Worlds Apart, Escameca's first boot was also their only member not to make the merge, but she did correctly predict that her tribe had the Sole Survivor on their mat on Day 1
On the powerful Bayon tribe, this castaway was the only one eliminated pre-merge. This is fair, as many were surprised that this castaway even received a Second Chance
The youngest male in Koah Rong, he was ultimately done in by losing the goggles in the first immunity challenge of the season

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