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Can you name more of these less memorable Survivor contestants?

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HintAnswerAlso Known For...
Outlasted by his namesake, this contestant was part of the doomed 'Young Male Alliance'
She's the first female to be voted off on Day 7, just hours after the contestant above
She's the first female castaway to go by her last name
She's the second contestant ever to be accused of sneaking in food (after Kel, of course)
This castaway was chosen by James Miller in a schoolyard pick to form tribes
Aparri's youngest member was the only player this season to receive 0 votes against
This dentist naturally brought a toothbrush and toothpaste as a luxury item, but only needed about 9 days' worth
A castaway of firsts: first contestant from Maryland, first first boot under 40 years old, and first contestant to have a season premiere air on their birthday
Either of the two castaways who share a first name, were eliminated with 4 votes thanks to an Idol that nullified 7 votes, and were the lowest ranked females of the merged tribe
Tied with Julie McGee for fewest days played by a merge maker, this castaway dreamed of making the jury... and fell one tribal short
This religious virgin was the youngest male on his season
Twice in Survivor history, 6 men have been eliminated in a row. Name either of the forgettable jurors who were the third in this string of six
The only Hispanic-American castaway to be the first one eliminated in a season
My husband won Survivor (but I didn't!)
The first first boot to win a challenge, and the first first boot to attend more than one tribal council
More famous for his profession off of Survivor, he was most recently seen on ABC's Battlebots
The first time Survivor cast two men with the same first name, he adopted a nickname, but ended up being much less memorable than his namesake
HintAnswerAlso Known For...
He's the first male to finish in 18th place. Tina was the first female one season earlier
She was the first member of the Onion alliance to have her torch snuffed
She's the only female to be a member of Kasama, Galang, and Tadhana
The one-time castaway is the CEO of a company and was once engaged to a former Survivor castaway
This contestant was the only one not to be voted off of Yaxhá by a unanimous vote
The oldest female on her tribe, she was the first female ever thrown out of a challenge
In this 4 tribe season, she was the first member of her original tribe to be booted. Unlike her, the other 3 original tribe first boots were the oldest members of the tribe and men
In Survivor's first season airing on Wednesday nights, he was the first male voted off
Original La Flor's only male jury member later opened a sports bar in LA with Silas Gaither
She's the only female to win an individual immunity during Palau
Despite being the 7th boot in his season, he was the first male eliminated at a proper Tribal Council. Outlasted 2 returnees, though!
He's the tallest castaway ever, and not even a basketball player! His Survivor profile describes him as 'without a doubt, sexy'
She was the only Zapatera woman to make the merge
The only contestant on Chuay Gahn who wasn't married with children, was also the tribe's youngest member
One of the show's most forgettable castaways, her only correct vote of the season was against the magician's assistant
This castaway was the only one voted off of Moto
This former Miss Washington lost to Christine on Redemption Island

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