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Can you name the countries where these dates are celebrated as national holidays, given the commemorated event?

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Independence from joint Anglo-Egyptian condominium in 19561-Jan
Arrival of the First Fleet and the first European settlement in 178826-Jan
Crowning of Jimmu, the First Emperor, in 660 BC11-Feb
Islamic Revolution replacing the Shah with the Ayatollah in 197911-Feb
Independence from France for this Maghreb nation in 19562-Mar
Independence from Britain as first free former colony in sub-Saharan Africa in 19576-Mar
Declaration of independence from Pakistan in 197126-Mar
Birthday of constitutional monarch Queen Elizabeth II in 1926*21-Apr
First democratic general elections open to all racial groups in 199427-Apr
May Revolution replacing the Spanish Viceroy with the Primera Junta in 181025-May
Downfall of the Derg communist military junta in 199128-May
Formation of a federal republic in this Asian former monarchy in 200828-May
Referendum transforming fascist state into a republic in 19462-Jun
Declaration of sovereignty and dissolution of the Soviet Union in 199012-Jun
Independence from Spain for this Asian nation in 189812-Jun
Independence from Belgium in 196030-Jun
Enactment of the British North America (Constitution) Act in 18671-Jul
Declaration of independence from Britain in 17764-Jul
Declaration of independence from Spain in 18115-Jul
Storming of the Bastille in 178914-Jul
Declaration of independence from Spain in 181020-Jul
Revolution by the 'Free Officers' overthrowing King Farouk in 195223-Jul
Declaration of independence from Spain in 182128-Jul
Independence from Britain in 194714-Aug
Independence from Britain in 194715-Aug
Liberation from Japan in 1945, declaration of state in 194815-Aug
Proclamation of independence from Japan in 194517-Aug
Independence from British control over foreign affairs in 191919-Aug
Independence from the Soviet Union for this European nation in 199124-Aug
Independence from Britain for this Asian country in 195731-Aug
Independence from the Soviet Union for this Asian nation in 19911-Sep
Declaration of independence from France and Japan in 19452-Sep
Declaration of independence from Portugal in 18227-Sep
Declaration of the Democratic People's Republic in 19489-Sep
Cry of Dolores declaring independence from Spain in 181016-Sep
Unification of the kingdoms of Nejd and Hejaz in 193223-Sep
Proclamation of the People's Republic in 19491-Oct
Independence from Britain in 19601-Oct
Reunification of capitalist West and ex-communist East in 19903-Oct
Independence from Britain for this Middle Eastern nation in 19323-Oct
Independence from Britain and declaration of republic in 19629-Oct
Wuchang Uprising replacing Qing dynasty with the Republic in 191110-Oct
Arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 149212-Oct
Proclamation of the Republic by Mustafa Kemal in 192329-Oct
Start of the War of Independence against France in 19541-Nov
Independence from Austro-Hungary, Prussia and Russia in 191811-Nov
Student protests against the British in this Asian nation in 1920**1-Dec
Birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 19275-Dec
Independence from Britain as two African nations in 19629-Dec
Independence from Britain in 1963, declaration of the Jamhuri (republic) in 196412-Dec

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