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Can you name the globally recognized Biodiversity Hotspots (endangered regions with high ecological richness) ?

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Mediterranean-type climate and high levels of plant endemism North and Central America
Supernational region with world's smallest bird and smallest snakeNorth and Central America
Mountain range famous for the annual migration of butterfliesNorth and Central America
Supernational region with quetzals, howler monkeys and montane forestsNorth and Central America
Habitat of golden lion tamarin, facing deforestation for sugarcane plantationsSouth America
Extensive savannahs home to maned wolves and armadillosSouth America
Temperate winter-rainfall forests in the shadow of the longest mountain rangeSouth America
Includes famous archipelago where Darwin studied evolution of finchesSouth America
Montane cloud forests harboring the largest diversity of amphibians in the worldSouth America
Political instability threatens the endemic species of mountain goatEurope and Central Asia
Dry plateaus covering the majority of two large countries with four endemic viper speciesEurope and Central Asia
Intercontinental region with monk seals, lynx and Europe's only monkeyEurope and Central Asia
Varied landscapes include deserts, glaciers, mountains and Sporcle's favorite countryEurope and Central Asia
Mediterranean-type climate, forming an entire floral kingdom within one plateau Africa
Better known for grasslands, this region's forests have high density of endemic primatesAfrica
Geological turmoil and continental movements created this chain of mountainsAfrica
Fragmented habitats are home to pygmy hippopotamus, duikers and chimpanzees threatened by bushmeat tradeAfrica
Supernational region known for political instability but home to endangered wild asses and baboonsAfrica
Famous and highly publicized island with over 50 species of a certain kind of primateAfrica
Highest richness of trees outside the tropics and famous for the successful protection of white rhinosAfrica
Arid region where low human densities have allowed the protection of endemic reptilesAfrica
Group of isolated islands exemplifying evolution, with 3000 trees and high endemism amongst birdsAsia-Pacific
Its foothills are home to tigers, elephants, rhinos and water buffalo alongside the world's second largest human population Asia-Pacific
Diverse rainforests with over 1000 bird species, plus 6 large mammals discovered in the last 12 yearsAsia-Pacific
Island nation with unique species including an endemic monkey and woodpeckerAsia-Pacific
Home to the most iconic animal of the global conservation movement, and massive development projects threatening its forestsAsia-Pacific
Tiny island the size of New Jersey, home to the world's only parasitic conifer tree and the kagu birdAsia-Pacific
Mountainous Pacific archipelago associated with its iconic flightless birdsAsia-Pacific
Includes over 7000 islands, with 6000 plants, flying frogs and a very special species of eagleAsia-Pacific
Group of islands where 25 birds have gone extinct since the arrival of Europeans and more may follow due to climate changeAsia-Pacific
Australia's highest rates of endemism, including the numbat, honeypossum and red-capped parrotAsia-Pacific
Massive islands with thick rainforests, two species of rhinoceros, and an endangered great apeAsia-Pacific
Archipelago ecologically distinct from neighboring islands to the west, known for hairless pigs and giant lizards Asia-Pacific
Mountain range with the world's largest Asian elephant population, and associated island nation with 150 species of amphibianAsia-Pacific

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