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An italian plumber flushes himself down the toilet and has to save a princess from angry mushrooms and a fire-breathing turtle
A Nameless child's family is killed by bandits and he grows up into a nameless adult who saves the world from a crazy guy in a hockey mask
Anthropomorphoids in jets
A man with a questionable computer program fetish saves humanity from aliens
A mute boy saves humanity with the help of a magic triangle after a 12 year old girl tells him to
A pink blob eats things
Punk rocker hair saves woodland creatures
A psychopath with an apparent drug addiction is chased through a maze-like asylum by colored ghosts
Disney characters kill soulless monsters
It's just like the real instrument, we swear!
Vampires, werewolves, NOT TWILIGHT
Girl kills pirates and monsters...IN SPACE!
Italian guy kills church people

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