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HintLeukocyte(WBC) Name
Appears with large nucleus with small halo of cytoplasm surrounding
Increase in number during parasitic or allergic reactions
Lymphocyte that is responsible for immune surveillance, which destroys abnormal cells.
Also release chemicals to attract eosinophils and basophils
Also called Polynuclear leukocytes because the shape of the nucleus represents 'beads on a string.'
Most rare of the leukocytes
Largest of the leukocytes with kidney bean shape nucleus
Also can be called an Acidophil
Most abundant leukocyte type (70%)
Engulf bacteria at injury sites and within the body
Release chemicals to reduce spread of inflammation to other tissues during injury
HintLeukocyte(WBC) Name
Primarily digest toxic compounds such as nitric oxide and cytotoxic enzymes
Lymphocyte that is responsible to humoral immunity, which produce antibodies as plasma cells.
Considered a macrophage
Lymphocyte that is responsible for cell-mediated immunity, which is a defense against invading foreign cells and the coordination of immune response
Monocytes and Lymphocytes are known as ___________
Bilobed appearance with red granuoles
Neutrophils, Eosinophils and Basophils are known as _______
Appear bilobed with dark purple stains
Release prostaglandins (cause inflamation) and leukotrienes (attract other WBC's to injury site)
Discharge histamine (pro-inflammatory) and heparin (prevents blood clotting)containing granules in damaged tissue.
Release chemicals to attract other WBC's and fibroblasts to produce scar tissue

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