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Can you name the Name the scientists important in microbiology.?

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ContributionScientist's nameOther hint
Developed first compound microscopecoined the term 'cell'
Cloth merchant who made lenses that magnified up to 300xsaw microorganisms he called 'animalcules' and submitted his findings to the Royal Academy of Sciences.
This pair of scientists came up with the 'Cell Theory''All cells are the fundamental units of life and carry out all basic functions of living things.
First documented the theory of Spontaneous GenerationStudent of Plato
Disproved spontaneous generation of maggots Experiment included; 3 pieces of raw meat, 3 jars, a cork, a piece of cloth and common sense.
Found that broth would go bad because of microorganisms and claimed it as proof of abiogenesisMust not have put the cork on tight enough or boiled the gravy long enough
Boiled gravy for a long time and completely sealed container, resulting in disproving abiogenesis.His work led to the idea of canning foods.
Layed Spontaneous Generation debate to rest with his Swan Neck Flask and proved microbes were living in the air.We thank him with every sip of wine we take
Thought diseases could be transmitted on the hands of physicians and therefore developed hand washing with chlorine solutions to kill mircrobesWorked on pueperal fever and blood poisoning
Sterilized surgical instruments and wore surgical gloves to get rid of microbes that could cause infection Think Mouthwash
ContributionScientist's nameOther hint
Correlated fungus with potato blight
Correlated fungus with silkworm disease
Gave us 'Postulates' or rules that determine cause and effect of microbes and diseaseStudied anthrax
One of the first people to develop vaccinations by accident with cholera in chickensAlso developed a rabies vaccine
Came up with a small pox vaccination using cowpox
Discovered phagocytosisHis kids destroyed his starfish
Immersion oil has the same index of refraction as glass
His 'Magic-Bullets' (Salvarsan) destroyed syphilis Tried thousands of compounds to kill organisms that cause disease.
Discovered that Penicillium mold prevented growth of bacteria, thus leading to the discovery of anti-biotics

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