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Can you name the Words describing Bacteria Morphology and Preferential Environment?

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must have certain conditions 
able to adjust to and tolerate to various conditions 
spherical bacterium 
rodlike bacterium 
short rod bacterium 
comma-shaped bacterium 
wavy-shaped bacterium 
corkscrew-shaped bacterium 
bacteria vary widely in form 
division in one plane, cells in pairs 
chains of cells 
division in two planes, 4 cells in cube 
division in three planes, 8 cells in cube 
random division in planes, grapelike clusters 
Physical factor: pH
bacteria's optimum pH at 0.1 - 5.4 (acidic) 
bacteria's optimum pH at 5.4 - 8.0 (neutral) 
bacteria's optimum pH at 7.0 - 11.5 (basic) 
Physical factor: temperature
bacteria's optimum temperature at 15-20 degrees C 
bacteria's optimum temperature at 24-40 degrees C 
bacteria's optimum temperature at 50-60 degrees C 
Physical factor: oxygen
require oxygen to grow 
must have free oxygen for aerobic respiration 
do not require oxygen to grow 
killed by free oxygen 
grow best in presence of small amount of free oxygen 
carbon-dioxide loving that thrive in low oxygen 
Can thrive at any oxygen level 
Can survive in oxygen but do not use it in their metabolism 
Physical factor: salt
Salt loving 
Nutritional factors
Bacteria with special nutritional needs that are difficult to meet within a laboratory. 
One flagellum located at one end 
Two flagella, located at both ends 
Two or more flagella at one or both ends 
Flagella all over the surface of the organism 
Lacking flagella 
In corkscrew shaped bacteria, flagella inside of bacteria allowing it to rotate 
Thick protective structure outside the cell wall of an organism that secretes it 
Thin protective layer that keeps cell from drying, helps trap nutrients and allow for better adherence 
Helps bacteria adhere to surfaces 
Attach two cells and may make a pathway to share genetic material 
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