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Phoebe SongComplete the lyrics
Love is sweet as summer showers. Love is a wondrous work of art. But your love, oh your love, ...
New York City has no power, and the milk is getting sour. But ..
I made a man with eyes of coal and a smile so bewitchin'. How was I supposed to know ..
They're tiny and chubby and so sweet to touch, and soon they'll ...
I'm in the shower and I'm writing a song Stop me if you've heard it ..
Terry's a jerk! And he won't let me work!
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
There was a girl, we'll call her Betty And a guy, let's call him Neil Now I can't stress this point too strongly...
Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo, Oh, the cow in the meadow goes moo. Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up,
Sometimes men love women Sometimes men love men, And then there are bisexuals
Phoebe SongComplete the lyrics
...and fuchsia and mauve
Little tiny Tarzan, swinging on an nose hair
It only takes two heart attacks to finally make you see. One of them won't do it,
We thought Phoebe would leave, but she just stayed and stayed. That's right, I'm here all night,
First time I met Chandler I thought he was gay, But here I am singing
Whenever I get married, guess who won't get to sing?
And there's a country called Argentina, It's a place I've never seen. But I'm told for 50 pesos,
It wasn't just that she was fat,
When the sun comes up,
Bum bum bum Don't take no for an answer! Bum bum bum

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