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Can you name the Starcraft II Units by Weapons?

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Forced Order
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Kaiser BladesZerg
Parasite SporeZerg
Needle ClawsZerg
Acid SpewZerg
Glave WurmZerg
Acid SalivaZerg
Acid SpinesZerg
Volatile BurstZerg
Needle SpinesZerg
Infested Gauss RifleZerg
Broodling StrikeZerg
Impaler TentacleZerg
Acid SpitZerg
C-14 Gauss RifleTerran
90mm Cannons, 120mm CannonsTerran
Punisher GrenadeTerran
Infernal FlamethrowerTerran
Backlash RocketsTerran
Fusion CutterTerran
____'s Hammer, Javelin Missile LaunchersTerran
Ibiks CannonTerran
C-10 Canister RifleTerran
Lanzer Torpedoes, Twin Gatling CannonTerran
ATA Laser Battery, ATS Laser BatteryTerran
P-45 Gauss Pistol, D-8 ChargeTerran
12mm Gauss CannonTerran
Longbolt MissileTerran
Napalm SprayTerran
Particle BeamProtoss
Particle DisruptersProtoss
Interceptor BeamProtoss
Psionic ShockwaveProtoss
Thermal LanceProtoss
Ion CannonsProtoss
Purifier BeamProtoss
Photon CannonProtoss
Disruption BeamProtoss
Warp BladesProtoss
Psi BladesProtoss
Prismatic BeamProtoss
Phase DisruptersProtoss
Kinetic Overlord/Resonance CoilProtoss

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