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Santa's brother Fredin Fred Clause
visits family within Four Christmases
who is engaged to in Sweet Home Alabama
who falls in love within Enchanted
who costars within The Muppets
who has a bromance within I Love You Man
who sells energy drinks within Role Models
who sidekicks with in The Rundown
who dies within The Other Guys
who enlistsin xXx
who drives fast cars within The Fast and the Furious
who makes out within Into the Blue
who hits on in Little Fockers
who faces off againstin Meet the Parents
who costars within Righteous Kill
whose father isin The Godfather
who is instructed about love byin Don Juan DeMarco
who is the nemesis of in Public Enemies
who is a fellow POW ofin Rescue Dawn
who runs a day care within Daddy Day Care
who pairs up within Shrek
who gives orders to in Inglorious Bastards
who employes and falls in love within Jane Eyre
who is threatened with death byin Alice in Wonderland
who is married to in The King's Speech
who is the father ofin What A Girl Wants
who plays soccer and makes out within She's The Man
who fights crime within the new 21 Jump Street
whose best friend isin Superbad
who impregnatesin Juno
who is recruited byin Inception
who battles againstin Gangs of New York
who is accused of witchcraft byin The Crucible
who likesin Mr. Deeds
who is married to in Click
who defeatsin Underworld
who gives the deluminator to in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
who helps protectin Wild Target
who ends up within Dan in Real Life
who wants to kill people within Mr. Brooks
who employsin The Company Men
who is best friends within Pearl Harbor
who is the son ofin Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
whose daughter isin Freaky Friday
whose dad isin The Parent Trap
who is poisoned byin Something To Talk About
who is married toin Ocean's Eleven
whose son is coached byin Fantastic Mr. Fox
who buys a dog within Marley and Me
who broke up within The Break Up

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