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Older Brother
Younger Brother
Like a father to the boys
Demon that Sam chooses over Dean
Angel Friend
Dean thinks he is his son
Sam's girlfriend
Demon that killed sam's mom and girlfriend
Demon that tortured Dean in hell
Azazel's daughter
What is like poison to vampires
How do you kill a vampire
Who is Dean and Sam's illegitimate younger brother
King of Hell
Ginger Witch
Killed in the Roadhouse explosion
Hunters killed by hellhounds (2)
How long does Dean feel like he is in hell for
How long is Dean actually in hell for
What does Sam get addicted to
What is the last seal
What is the Impala's licence plate
Who is the Supernatural fan that is obsessed with Sam
Who is God
What is the goal of breaking the seals
What song is at the beginning of some season finales
What does Dean call the Impala
Who is the blind psychic that gets killed helping Sam and Dean
Young, blonde hunter (not Jo)
Who is supposed to be Lucifer's vessel
Who is supposed to be Michael's vessel
Who ends up being Michael's vessel
What does Sam come back from hell without
Why does Dean die and go to hell
Bobby's old hunter friend
FBI agent that is obsessed with Dean and Sam
Hunter trying to kill Sam that gets turned into a vampire
Episode where Dean dies over one hundred times
Episode where Sam and Dean are transported to a world where they are actors on the show
Episode where Gabriel sends them an alternate TV universe
Episode where Dean almost has a heart attack from fear
How do you kill a ghost
Angel that fell
Dean's favorite meal
Annoying British girl that steals the colt
The girl that Dean moves in with when Sam dies
When is Sam's birthday (year not needed)
How did Bobby become paralyzed
Who killed Lilith and Alistair
Who killed Ruby for good
What is the name of Lucifer's child
What happened to the spawn of Lucifer's mother
Who killed Castiel (in season 12)
Who killed Crowley (in season 12)
Who brainwashes Mary Winchester
What do the British Men of Letters do to American hunters
Who gets trapped in an alternate universe at the end of season 12 (2 of them)
Who wrote the Supernatural books
What was the name of the reaper at the beginning of season 2
What did Sam use to communicate with Dean when he was almost dead
How did John die
Who killed Sam the first time (stabbed him)
How do you kill a trickster
Actor that plays Cas
Actor that plays Sam
Actor that plays Dean
Ship name for Cas and Dean
Sad fanfic that you should read

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