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Can you name the movies by the spiels from their trailers?

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Jordan. Bunny. Together they just might save the world.1996
In this city... under cover of darkness... someone is stalking Sarah Connor. 1984
After serving the last of his sentance, Cameron Poe is taking the first plane home to his wife and daughter. But the wrong flight can ruin your whole day.1997
They're armed. They're dangerous. They're professionals. They're all that stands between you and the end of the world. 1984
At approximately three p.m. on August 22nd, 1972, Sonny Wortzik and Sal Naturile entered the First Brooklyn Savings Bank and attempted a robbery. The attempt failed. 1975
At the stockhouse of J.T. Marlin, a new generation is building their fortune.2000
His dreams were of peace, and the woman he loved. But his destiny would be written in a battle for honor.1995
Someone is playing a deadly game. Someone who's seen one too many scary movies. 1996
'Twas long ago and far away, in a land as different as night from day. Where fairytale creatures of a magical sort were banished by a prince who was really short.2001
At first he was a little anxious, but now he's discovering the possibilities and living life like there's no tomorrow... because there isn't.1993
A long time ago, the dreams and wishes of one young boy were turned to gold. And an adventure of delicious proportions was born.1971
How did this cute little surprise package wind up in Greg's apartment? That's what he's wondering too. And wait 'til you see the princess let her hair down.1953
There was a time when people believed everything they heard on TV. This was an age when only men were allowed to read the news.2004
It is morning. You wake up. You greet your loved ones. You grab the morning paper. And although it seems like any ordinary day... it isn't. For one extraordinary reason.1996
On the campus of one of America's leading universities, the most gifted mind to ever enter its classrooms is the person who cleans the floors. 1997
Here we have a quiet little motel, when in fact it has now become known as the scene of a crime. 1960
If they each had half a brain, they'd still only have half a brain.1994
Within this skyscraper high above the city, twelve terrorists have declared war. 1988
Take a journey back in time, in search of a mystery locked beneath the sea.1997
The story of a boy, a girl, and a universe. It's a big, sprawling space saga of rebellion and romance.1977

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