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Forced Order
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'Niall's memory is terrible, its like a......?'
'......... could be Harry's dad'
'NO! ........ protested'
'I like girls who eat...?'
'My worst habit is getting.....all the time'
'and in the moonlight, you shine just like a......on the bay!'
Who's number did Louis and Harry give out to 7000 people?
Supposedly dating Rebecca Ferguson
'Are you gunna drop the......or not?'
What song did they sign on guilty pleasures week?
Which band memeber has forbidden the boys to date his younger sister?
Which Member doesn't drink because he only has one kidney?
What would their winners single have been?
How many siblings does Louis have?
What did Louis put in their tea during their video diary week 8?
'I used to have........but they're dead now'
Liam's dad's idea for the bands name
Who told Louis he needed singing lessons?
;Who sang:'Oh grandma, what's my name?'
What did Louis sting himself on at judges houses?
'Can we all just have sex?'
'Here's a coin, keep the change you filthy......'
Followed by a ......
'I come from Holmes Chapel, it's quite .......'
'I drunk too much ......'
'Cos' he's a fun guy' 'Like the ......, fungi'
'I used to ..... the world'
'Gues what i am! I'm a .....'
Who would Liam most like to date out of the X factor house?
How many shows did the boys do on the X Factor Tour?
True or False, Harry's hair is naturally straight?
One Direction's best friend in the X Factor House?
Who copied Niall's American flag onepiece?
Niall's never had a .....?
What role did Louis play in his school musical of 'Grease'
Harry's old band's name
Liam had audtioned for X Factor before 2010, but what year?
Louis ideal job apart from singing
What subject did Harry want to study at college?
True or False, Harry's favourite vegetable is sweetcorn?
Harry's audition song?
Liam's audition song?
Niall's audition song?
Louis audition song?
Zayn's audition song?
What did Harry buy Cher?
'One day i was feeling very generous and handed a lady on the front row a ....'
What Bruno Mars song did the boys sing on tour?
What football team does Harry support?
During the live shows did Louis tweet 'Really nervous for tonight, alot at steak, medium rare'
'If i was a food i'd be a rogan josh cos they're .....'
Which celebraity did Harry say he'd like to be for the day?
If Liam didn't get through X Factor second time round he'd be doing what?
Harry was accused of throwing ....... inside the X Factor house
Vas ........!
Who does Niall support football wise?
'I'd like to be Niall for the day because he finds everything absoloutley ........'
'Niall .... all the time!'
Zayn's birthday
Harry's birthday
Louis's birthday
Niall's birthday
Liam's birthday
'Why does Harry get so much attention?' 'It's the .......!'
Which celebraity said: 'I want to mother One Direction!'
Who's Liam's favourite boyband?
What super power did Louis say he'd like to have?
In what song did Louis have the solo of 'I really hate you right now!'
Who suggested that One Direction were miming through 'Kids In America'
What's the most romantic thing Harry would do for a girl?
What did Simon call Zayn when asked to name all of One Direction by Cheryl?
What colour eyes does Liam like?
'I think I'd just be a .....'
Who made Zayn audition for the X Factor?
At who's concert did Liam fall over and twist his ankle?
'Any 16-17 year old is going to enjoy the ............ so i think it's nice to have'
What's Harry's older sister called?
What's Niall's Brother called?
Harry nearly burned down the X Factor house by cooking ......?
What's Louis girlfriend called?

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