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Forced Order
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How does Harry describe One Directions room in the x-factor house?video diary week one
'I like girls who eat ......'(louis) week 2
What is zayns favourite song?week 2
Who's shoulder does louis bite in week 3?video diary week 3
Which x-factor contestant do Louis and Harry fight over?(Who would they most like to date in the house) week 3
'As everybody knows or .........(Zayn) week 4
Whats the most romantic thing liam would do for a girl?week 4
'If i could have any super power it would probably be to stay ...... forever'(Zayn) week 5
What does louis come down wearing on his head?video diary week 5
What does pattern is on Niall's one piece? week 6
'Simple but ..........'(Harry) week 6
'NO .......... protested!'(Louis) week 7
If Harry could be any celebrity who would he be?Video diary week 7
Which member of the band says he is a big fan of Justin Biebers?video diary week 8
'Salt or ........?'(Louis) video diary week 8
Outside which shop did a girl try and slip her phone into Harrys pocket?video diary week 9
If Liam could marry any celebrity who would it be?Video diary week 9
'And as for you stop having ......... ........!'Video diary week 10
'I drunk too much ............ ............!'(Zayn) video diary week 10

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