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What is market segmentation?
What 2 characteristics is segmenting based on?
What are 4 different characteristics to base segmenting on?
What are examples of psychographic lifestyle considerations?
What behaviors are important to consider?
What are some B2B segment considerations?
What are 4 steps to a marketing segmentation strategy?
What factors determine if a market segment is viable?
_____ is the act of _______ a company's _____ and _____ to occupy a ______ _____ in the ______ of the _____ ______.
Fill in the blanks (9 words) 
What is a brand's DNA?
For ____ ________, ______ is the only ____ _____ that _____ ______ because _____.
Fill in the template for a positioning statement. 
What are the qualities of a positioning statement?

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