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What is one of the greatest challenges at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and materials science?
Why can x-ray diffraction not be applied to asymmetric viruses?
What are limitations of cryo-electron microscopy and electron microscopy?
What is AFM?
At what scale can AFM be used to view the assembly of microbial surfaces?
AFM has the capacity to significantly enhance current insights into molecular architecture.
True or False. 
AFM can be used to look at environmental variability of microbial systems as a function of spatial, developmental, and temporal organizational scales.
True or False. 
What two technologies were used to look at sporulation of mutant cells?
What is a cause of inconsistent therapeutic effects when using Clostridium novyi strain?
What technique was used to carry out proteomic mapping of spore coat composition of Clostridiumn novyi?
What is the setup for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)?
What are the two ways to 'strip' the ions of their outer electrons?
What is the role of the quadrupole lenses?
Once through the quadrupole lenses, ions are negatively charged.
True or False. 
The second mass spectrometer separates ions of C12 from other carbon isotopes.
True or False. 
How sensitive is AMS?
Why is radiocarbon used?
Sample alteration as a result of analysis procedure in AMS is highly likely.
True or False. 
What enzyme converts furan into a toxic metabolite?
What was the overall conclusion of the AMS study?
Aflatoxins have been detected in peanut butter.
True or False. 
How long have the pan-Microbial Detection Array assays been in continuous use?
Who did LLNL codevelop the MDA with?
The MDA greatly improves public health and detects all known and unknown pathogens.
True or False 
The limitations of MDA are scalability and computational cost.
True or False 
With a 1,000-node cluster, labeling data sets from sequence alignments produced by high throughput sequencers would take 5 days, which is perfectly sufficient for Biosecurity.
True or False. 
How long does it take for LLNL's scalable analysis platform (kSNP) take to assemble a SNP pylogeny?
How many bases can the kSNP platform process in a single run?
Scalable whole genome analysis is heavily biased by small regions that have undergone horizontal gene transfer, strong selection, contain sequencing errors, or other processes.
True or False. 
What were the three criteria needed for a bio-threat simulant that could be used to test bioterror agent detection platforms and analyze airflow-based distribution patterns?
What are the two components of the biosimulant?
The biosimulant was tested in the White House.
True or False 
A case study was done involving the producer to consumer tracking of cantaloupe melons.
True or False 
What U.S. department contributes the most to Biodefense Funding?
Category A biothreat agents are not easily transmitted from person to person and do not require advanced laboratory containment.
True or False 
What is the result when a pathogen with low virulence is introduced to a host with strong defenses?
Therapies that target the pathogen directly are less likely to lead to pathogen resistance than those targeting the host directly.
True or False. 
What are NLPs?
What are the main components of NLP synthesis?
What makes NLPs potential vaccine delivery platforms?
What is the problem with current vaccination strategies?
CpG and MPLA conjugated to NLPs are not as immunostimulatory as NLPs alone in vitro.
True or False. 
What did they use to determine the level of immunostimulation in the in vitro studies of NLPs?
NLP distribution and retention in vivo depends on route of administration.
True or False 
What were the results of in vivo experiments looking at the administration of conjugated CpG and MPLA to NLPs?
What is the goal of vaccine development?
What comprises one of the largest organs of the body?
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory started out as a branch of the University of California Radiation Laboratory.
True or False 
In what year was LLNL established?
What is the current annual federal budget for LLNL?
What program was started in 1992 to address nuclear security?
What are the six unique R&D Facilities at LLNL?
What class of laser is the Titan laser?
What is the speed record achieved by LLNL's Sequoia Blue Gene/Q supercomputer?
What facility was used as the set for the starship Enterprise's warp core in the movie Star Trek Into Darkness?
What elements were codiscovered with LLNL and other labs?
What technology for NuSTAR was developed at LLNL?
What was the discovery made by NuSTAR that was published in the February 28 edition of the journal Nature?
What is GPI which took a decade to develop at LLNL?

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