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What does MUIR stand for?
What are the advantages of MUIR technology?
MUIR sensors can be used to detect internal injuries, such as pneumothorax, only if they are in direct contact with the patient.
True or False 
What rhythmic bodily functions can MUIR be used to detect?
MUIR sensors can conduct remote vital sign sensing even when a subject is behind a concrete wall.
True or False 
Imaging and vital sign monitoring with MUIR platform could _______ patient outcomes.
Fill in the blank. 
MUIR sensors are ideal to assist in making rapid _______ and _______ decisions in _________ environments.
Fill in the blank. 
What are some limitations of PCR as a detection method for microbial threats?
Why did LLNL design the pan-Microbial Detection Array platform?
How many target sequences can MDA detect?
What is the lower limit of detection for MDA?
How quickly can you obtain results using the Composite Likelihood Maximization Method (CLIMAX) algorithm?
In what vaccine did the MDA technology detect a porcine endogenous retrovirus?
What signatures were detected from oropharyngeal carcinoma samples?
What is the purpose of LLNL's Virulence and Genomic Engineering Array?
What type of statistical analysis is used to aid in the identification of virulence signatures?
Using 4,600 SNPs of B. anthracis phylogeny, LLNL's whole genome SNP array can provide _______ level detection.
Fill in the blank. 
What are 'category A' pathogens?
Using widely accessible gene synthesis capability, what was the lethality of the H5N1 flu virus?
What is the purpose of the Biowatch System?
How long does the Biowatch System take to process and analyze a sample?
To be effective, Biowatch must turn out test results _____ and _______ be ______.
Fill in the blank. 
Based on the WMD Terrorism Research Center Bio-response Report Card, what is our current ability to respond to bioterrorism?
What is an example substrate for the microbial production of bio-diesal?
In order to facilitate the production of sufficient quantities of ethanol, a microbial strain must be able to convert _______ into ______.
Fill in the blank. 
Industrial processing of plant-based renewable biofuels depends on the use of ____ liquids, as well as solvent resistant _______ and ________.
Fill in the blank. 
What strain of Enterobacter lignolyticus was found to be able to grow in the presence of 0.5M 1-ethy-3-methylimidazolium chloride?
Several upregulated genes associated with ionic liquid tolerance encode for_______ _______.
Fill in the blank. 
The eilA gene is a part of what multidrug efflux pump superfamily?
What native E.coli IL-inducible promoter would be an effective regulator of heterologous genes?
What are two characteristics of an ideal fabric for long term use in hot potentially hostile environments?
What is the function of the inner layer of a protective fabric?
What is the function of the mid-layer?
What is the function of the outer layer?
What is the problem with solid polymer garments which provide good protection?
What is the current state-of-the-art in shell fabric material that provides protection and some moisture management?
What are the two advantages CNT fabrics have over existing materials?
What is the pore density of CNT fabrics?
What properties of CNT materials facilitates specificity and could allow for 'gating' of the pore entrance?
What technologies were utilized to create next generation neural interfaces?
How do the new multifunctional devices created by LLNL interface with neural tissue?
What are some of the goals of neurotechnology research?
What is one of the goals for the treatment of Parkinson's disease?
What does a implantable device record?
What areas of the brain is a neural device implanted in order to treat traumatic brain injury?
What function are these regions of the brain associated with?
The device developed by LLNL stimulates and records from ____ channels located on a pair of high-density _______ arrays.
How often do new pathogenic strains emerge?
RNA viruses rarely mutate making them unlikely to adapt to a new host.
True or False. 
What two technologies are used for ultra-deep coverage?
By conducting a viral transmission study, sequence alterations can be correlated with ______ as well as the ability to _______ ______ barriers.
Fill in the blank. 
What is a 'spill over' event?
Why were foxes attacking pets?
What observation was made in the fox study?
Why is there interest in the bovine coronavirus?
Coronaviruses have the ability to exchange relatively large portions of their _______.
Fill in the blank. 
What part of a virus is the primary determinant of host susceptibility?
Ultra-deep sequencing is useful for detecting novel ______ and anticipating _________ ________ events.
Fill in the blank. 
What is one of the greatest challenges of modern biology?
What is XFEL?
What has enabled high resolution structural probing of membrane proteins at room temperature?
Recent developments may provide structural biologists with tools for obtaining atomic scale and dynamic visualization of soluble proteins at extreme temperatures.
True or False 

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