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QUIZ: Can you name the quantitative answers to this set of extremely miscellaneous information? How many...?

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times zones are in China? 
men have walked on the moon? 
amendments to the U.S. Constitution are there? 
people are necessary for a riot under criminal law? 
soldiers are raising the American flag in the historic Iwo Jima photo? 
OPEC members are there? 
years are patents held? 
lines are in a sonnet? 
syllables are in a haiku? 
books of the Bible do not mention the word God? 
humans were aboard Noah's Ark? 
years did Rip Van Winkle's nap last? 
books are in the Book of Mormon? 
heads does the mythical Cerberus have? 
heads does the mythical Hydra have? 
irregular verbs are in Esperanto? 
letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet? 
letters are in the Hebrew alphabet? 
letters are in the Italian alphabet? 
letters are in the Arabic alphabet? 
letters are in the Greek alphabet? 
letters are in the Thai alphabet? 
letters are in the Spanish alphabet? 
letters are in the Russian alphabet? 
strikes are required for a perfect score in bowling? 
teams make up the Big Ten Conference? 
feet tall is a NBA basketball hoop? 
players are on a Quidditch team? 
players are on a polo team? 
games make up a regular NHL season? 
stitches are on a major league baseball? 
dimples are on a regulation golf ball? 
teaspoons in one tablespoon? 
pounds are in one stone? 
chromosomes are in an average human cell? 
bones are in the adult human body? 
zeroes follow the 1 in a googol? 
muscles are needed to smile? 
muscles are needed to frown? 
squares are on a Rubik's cube? 
dice are required to play Yahtzee? 
pips are on a standard die? 
backgammon pieces does each player start with? 
colored circles are on a Twister vinyl sheet? 
lettered tiles are in Scrabble? 
numbers are on a Bingo card? 
spaces are on around a Monopoly board? 
possible solutions to the game Clue are there? 
miles per hour activates the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future? 
years old was Jack Benny, perpetually? 
hard-boiled eggs did Cool Hand Luke consume to win a bet? 
miles apart are the Batcave and Gotham City? 
Food and Drink
holes are in a Ritz cracker? 
herbs and spices are in KFC's Original Recipe chicken? 
different fruit flavors are in Dr. Pepper? 
holes are in a White castle hamburger? 
keys are on a standard piano? 
weeks was the Barenaked Ladies tune 'One Week' #1? 
standard foot positions are in classical ballet? 
consecutive times does Bill Withers repeat 'I know' in his tune 'Ain't No Sunshine'? 

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