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Alice Cooper's first top ten hit single
Once upon a time Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's TLC show was named this.
Atomic number 18, it is the third most common gas in Earth's atmosphere
18th President of the United States
A round of this sport contains 18 holes
Alternate name for a typical tractor-trailer truck
Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'├ętat of the French Directory was also known as this
The only amendment to ever be repealed, the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution established this
This novel by James Joyce is divided into 18 chapters
No. 18 for the Indianapolis Colts
By humiliating the favored Redskins 38-9, this team caused Super Bowl XVIII to be known as Black Sunday
Skid Row's biggest hit single
In Sonnet 18, one of Shakespeare's best known, he compares thee to...
1988 Freaky Friday-esque film starring George Burns
The 18th letter of the Greek alphabet; it is used in mathematics to denote the summation
With 18, this singer holds the record for the most solo #1 hits.
Pokemon number 018; a Bird Pokemon
The 18th U.S. state; it is the only one to be subdivided into parishes

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