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Can you name each Generation VI Pokémon if only given its Species?

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Single Bloom Pokémon670
Ice Chunk Pokémon712
Generator Pokémon694
Mount Pokémon672
Tundra Pokémon698
Royal Sword Pokémon681
Pumpkin Pokémon710
Poodle Pokémon676
Digging Pokémon659
Sound Wave Pokémon715
Tiny Robin Pokémon661
Stump Pokémon708
Generator Pokémon695
Lion Cub Pokémon667
Bubble Frog Pokémon657
Iceberg Pokémon713
Royal Heir Pokémon696
Soft Tissue Pokémon704
Bubble Frog Pokémon656
Mount Pokémon673
Spiny Armor Pokémon652
Scale Pokémon666
Jewel Pokémon703
Ninja Pokémon658
Intertwining Pokémon700
Key Ring Pokémon707
Dragon Pokémon706
Elder Tree Pokémon709
Destruction Pokémon717
Jewel Pokémon719
Scatter Dust Pokémon665
Royal Pokémon668
Howitzer Pokémon693
Restraint Pokémon677
Two-Handed Pokémon688
Mock Kelp Pokémon691
Soft Tissue Pokémon705
Revolving Pokémon686
Spiny Nut Pokémon650
Meringue Pokémon685
Scatter Dust Pokémon664
Fragrance Pokémon683
Steam Pokémon721
Ember Pokémon662
Daunting Pokémon675
Sound Wave Pokémon714
Playful Pokémon674
Life Pokémon716
Mischief / Djinn Pokémon720
Sword Pokémon680
Collective Pokémon689
Overturning Pokémon687
Constraint Pokémon678
Tundra Pokémon699
Perfume Pokémon682
Spiny Armor Pokémon651
Garden Pokémon671
Single Bloom Pokémon669
Mock Kelp Pokémon690
Despot Pokémon697
Fox Pokémon653
Order Pokémon718
Cotton Candy Pokémon684
Sword Pokémon679
Wrestling Pokémon701
Fox Pokémon654
Pumpkin Pokémon711
Digging Pokémon660
Water Gun Pokémon692
Scorching Pokémon663
Antenna Pokémon702
Fox Pokémon655

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