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Can you name each Generation IV Pokémon if only given its Species?

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Emperor Pokémon395
Mime Pokémon439
Emotion Pokémon481
Twin Tusk Pokémon473
Catty Pokémon431
Fang Scorpion Pokémon472
Flame Pokémon392
Toxic Mouth Pokémon453
Bagworm Pokémon412
Sea Drifter Pokémon489
Scorpion Pokémon451
Lava Dome Pokémon485
Magical Pokémon429
Blade Pokémon475
Beaver Pokémon400
Thunderbolt Pokémon466
Cricket Pokémon401
Seafaring Pokémon490
Virtual Pokémon474
Sea Weasel Pokémon418
Moth Pokémon414
Head Butt Pokémon409
Predator Pokémon398
Land Shark Pokémon443
Blossom Pokémon421
Hippo Pokémon449
Jubilee Pokémon468
Bell Pokémon433
Beehive Pokémon416
Cricket Pokémon402
Shield Pokémon411
Sea Slug Pokémon423
Kite Pokémon458
Starling Pokémon397
Bug Catcher Pokémon455
Bouquet Pokémon407
Shield Pokémon410
Toxic Mouth Pokémon454
Sea Weasel Pokémon419
Temporal Pokémon483
Wing Fish Pokémon456
Rabbit Pokémon428
Tiger Cat Pokémon432
Rabbit Pokémon427
Snow Land Pokémon478
Bronze Pokémon436
Grove Pokémon388
Starling Pokémon396
Spark Pokémon404
Lunar Pokémon488
Music Note Pokémon441
Electric Squirrel Pokémon417
Neon Pokémon457
Blimp Pokémon426
Knowledge Pokémon480
Blast Pokémon467
Plump Mouse Pokémon399
Bonsai Pokémon438
Spatial Pokémon484
Skunk Pokémon435
Playhouse Pokémon440
Gratitude Pokémon492
Ogre Darner Pokémon469
Magnet Area Pokémon462
Sharp Claw Pokémon461
Fresh Snow Pokémon471
Bronze Bell Pokémon437
Big Eater Pokémon446
Vine Pokémon465
Mach Pokémon445
Verdant Pokémon470
Sea Slug Pokémon422
Forbidden Pokémon442
Chimp Pokémon390
Ogre Scorpion Pokémon452
Continent Pokémon389
Penguin Pokémon394
Skunk Pokémon434
Playful Pokémon391
Aura Pokémon448
Renegade Pokémon487
Cherry Pokémon420
Balloon Pokémon425
Gleam Eyes Pokémon405
Big Boss Pokémon430
Bud Pokémon406
Plasma Pokémon479
Long Tail Pokémon424
Tiny Leaf Pokémon387
Frost Tree Pokémon459
Flash Pokémon403
Willpower Pokémon482
Frost Tree Pokémon460
Compass Pokémon476
Bagworm Pokémon413
Drill Pokémon464
Alpha Pokémon493
Gripper Pokémon477
Emanation Pokémon447
Cave Pokémon444
Penguin Pokémon393
Head Butt Pokémon408
Heavyweight Pokémon450
Licking Pokémon463
Colossal Pokémon486
Tiny Bee Pokémon415
Pitch-Black Pokémon491

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