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Can you name each Generation I Pokémon if only given its Species?

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Electric Pokémon125
Pig Monkey Pokémon056
Evolution Pokémon133
Shellfish Pokémon009
Mantis Pokémon123
Turtle Pokémon008
Legendary Pokémon059
Weed Pokémon043
Seed Pokémon002
Flame Pokémon006
Dopey Pokémon079
Lightning Pokémon135
Psi Pokémon063
Mouse Pokémon028
Flower Pokémon045
Tadpole Pokémon062
Virtual Pokémon137
Puppy Pokémon058
Electric Pokémon145
Magnet Pokémon081
Fire Horse Pokémon077
Tiny Bird Pokémon016
Insect Pokémon048
Mouse Pokémon019
Sleeping Pokémon143
Jellyfish Pokémon072
Tiny Bird Pokémon021
Poison Pin Pokémon033
Lonely Pokémon104
Magnet Pokémon082
Mouse Pokémon026
Mouse Pokémon020
Beak Pokémon022
Wild Bull Pokémon128
Classy Cat Pokémon053
Mysterious Pokémon121
Sludge Pokémon088
Licking Pokémon108
Rock Snake Pokémon095
Spitfire Pokémon126
Vine Pokémon114
Mole Pokémon050
Megaton Pokémon076
Egg Pokémon102
Egg Pokémon113
Bone Keeper Pokémon105
Flame Pokémon146
Bivalve Pokémon090
Spiral Pokémon138
Cobra Pokémon024
Fossil Pokémon142
Lizard Pokémon004
Poison Bee Pokémon015
Flower Pokémon069
Flycatcher Pokémon070
Fox Pokémon037
Transform Pokémon132
Flame Pokémon136
Pig Monkey Pokémon057
Psi Pokémon064
Sea Lion Pokémon086
Poison Pin Pokémon032
Shadow Pokémon094
Mushroom Pokémon047
Drill Pokémon034
River Crab Pokémon098
Parent Pokémon115
Freeze Pokémon144
Hermit Crab Pokémon080
Dragon Pokémon116
Mole Pokémon051
Goldfish Pokémon119
Goldfish Pokémon118
Mushroom Pokémon046
Twin Bird Pokémon084
Sludge Pokémon089
Bird Pokémon018
Flame Pokémon005
Transport Pokémon131
Poison Moth Pokémon049
Bird Pokémon017
Seed Pokémon003
Dragon Pokémon117
Bivalve Pokémon091
Shellfish Pokémon141
Mouse Pokémon027
Tadpole Pokémon061
Jellyfish Pokémon073
Snake Pokémon023
Bat Pokémon041
Scratch Cat Pokémon052
Dragon Pokémon149
Seed Pokémon001
Stag Beetle Pokémon127
Cocoon Pokémon014
Poison Gas Pokémon109
Fairy Pokémon036
Fire Horse Pokémon078
Triple Bird Pokémon085
Poison Pin Pokémon029
Fox Pokémon038
Worm Pokémon010
New Species Pokémon151
Bubble Jet Pokémon134
Bat Pokémon042
Superpower Pokémon068
Balloon Pokémon040
Drill Pokémon112
Gas Pokémon092
Atrocious Pokémon130
Tadpole Pokémon060
Superpower Pokémon067
Wild Duck Pokémon083
Sea Lion Pokémon087
Kicking Pokémon106
Fish Pokémon129
Genetic Pokémon150
Poison Pin Pokémon030
Dragon Pokémon147
Superpower Pokémon066
Barrier Pokémon122
Duck Pokémon054
Flycatcher Pokémon071
Tiny Turtle Pokémon007
Hypnosis Pokémon096
Weed Pokémon044
Hairy Bug Pokémon013
Spiral Pokémon139
Duck Pokémon055
Ball Pokémon100
Rock Pokémon074
Shellfish Pokémon140
Gas Pokémon093
Butterfly Pokémon012
Ball Pokémon101
Punching Pokémon107
Poison Gas Pokémon110
Psi Pokémon065
Cocoon Pokémon011
Fairy Pokémon035
Mouse Pokémon025
Spikes Pokémon111
Hypnosis Pokémon097
Balloon Pokémon039
Coconut Pokémon103
Pincer Pokémon099
Drill Pokémon031
Rock Pokémon075
Star Shape Pokémon120
Human Shape Pokémon124
Dragon Pokémon148

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