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Can you name the Video Games in Which You Would Find...?

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Where would you find...Game
...Dwarves Lord Harrowmont and Prince Bhelen fighting for the throne in the underground city of Orzammar?
...the American President's plane hijacked by aliens and bad guy Trent Easton?
...the promise of cake?
...young girls roaming and extracting a 'magical' substance from bodies of the dead?
...a steam train picking passengers up from Armadillo station before departing for Mexico?
...a crowbar-weilding hero battling zombies in an abandoned town?
...the National Mall in Washington home to mutated beasts?
...a travel agent at the Department of Death to the Ninth Underworld?
...a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle ?
...Clock Town and the whole of Termina under threat from the impending moon crashing to Earth?
...pills here!?
...old, stone, talking doors offering to open once satisfied by often bizzare tasks? Italian man's large house besieged by ghosts?
...a young boy repeatedly decapitated by bear traps in a bleak, colourless world?
...the Rachni Queen enslaved in a base on icy planet Noveria?
...the T-virus?
...the T-block?
...America's 'Sin City' attracting terrorists?
Where would you find...Game
...a short-sighted mole unlocking doors for the correct number of musical notes?
...Willamette Mall with a deathly atmosphere?
...the city of Kvatch destroyed by demonic creatures?
...a Japanese man hunting those who killed his father and the illusive 'Dragon Mirror'?
...a brain age of 54?
...Bright Falls Deer Fest?
...the horrific realisation that in fact not all your base are belong to you?
...Ryu fighting against Spiderman?
...yourself freefalling from a plane before dusting down and starting a revolution?
...scientist Jacob Crow teleporting all over the place?
...'Through the Fire and Flames'?
...a kill streak of 25 followed by BOOM?
...Bob and Betty Newbie?
...Captain Keyes and the Pillar of Autumn?
...a banana skin causing you to spin and lose speed?
...three glowing green lights in the shadows?
...ghosts and cherries?

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