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QUIZ: Can you name the selected lyrics to The Lonely Island's song 'Semicolon'

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Get ready for a whale of a time;
My whole team coming clean;
These dudes is comic relief;
And I'm the **** monster;
When you see me better cross the street;
Then go home and write about it;
Did I do that?;
Yo Angela, who's the boss?
I'll take you where you never been;
Then make you suck a bull's nut;
If Miss Moore married Josh;
A comma and a **** dot;
We run these streets;
All eyes on me;
I'm loud and I'm zipping around;
Your dick is little like Wayne;
Preceeding LineAnswer
But Gretzky's got a big dick;
Everyone was rude to me;
My stomach's getting fat;
Leave trash inside my car;
You acting all mach-ee-o;
But I'll eat all you cats;
We run the game;
Always chase the night;
It's right under your nose;
Opposite of north;
Right over your home;
Hooked on semicolons;
We got the game on lock;
You're too big for your clothes;
You know we out of control;
Your birthday party sucked;

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