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Guy gets stuck on island. Grows beard. Gets emotionally attached to a volleyball.
Woman checks in at motel. Stuffed Birds. House on the hill.
Elephant saves a world on a flower from destruction. Evil vulture hired by a kangaroo to stop him.
Man gets bitten. Makes lots of webs. Swings around New York.
Soccer film. Newcastle United.
Man gets promoted. Company goes bankrupt. Shoplifting ensues.
Fish taken by Australian dentist. Annoying seagulls.
Man admires paintings. Steals them too.
Zombies. Cornetto. Red on you. Dogs can't look up!
Earth to be destroyed. Man in dressing gown. Meaning of life is a two digit number.
Bunch of schoolgirls run amok, win a game show and sell art.
Man in green believes he's Santa's helper. Childrens books.
Glass dome covers town. Family move to Alaska.
Man dressed in yellow elected as a Member of Parliment. Da West Staines Massiv.
Englishman wins a raffle prize and goes to Cannes. Mayhem ensues.
Nun gives birth to evil child. 3 Digits.
Two children are inspired by an 80's movie icon. Create own film.
He 'wants to play a game'. A rather violent one too.
He 'always wanted to be a gangster'. Didn't end up well.
Japanese man writes names in a notepad and people die.
Guy feeds a llama some ham. Wants people to vote for his Mexican friend.
Guys do drugs in Scotland.
Ex-tennis pro has an affair. Prefers a shotgun over a tennis racket.
Cabin crew become ill. Up to one man to save the day. Don't call him Shirley.
The heir to a large fortune is a simple man. Falls for a journalist.
Who killed John? Back and to the left.
Boy cheats on three girls at the same time. Time for revenge.
Man gets angry stuck in traffic. Goes on a rampage.
War is 'Unforeseeable'. No it's not. Yes it is.
Man becomes obsessed with a customer's TV he fixes.
Couple steal children. Their friends steal the children. Children returned.
New York zoo animals escape. Penguins.
Man becomes gay. He becomes con-man. He goes to jail
Elderly Gentleman attaches balloons to his house.
Middle-aged man has not done it.

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