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QUIZ: Can you name the name of the games made by these developers??

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Crowbar. Need I say anything more? 
Terrorists! Terrorists everywhere! 
Pyro, Engineer, Medic etc. etc. 
[Insert sporcle username here] must be the sporcling hero of [insert user hometown here] 
Zombies. Blood. Tales of a guy called Keith. 
Crytek / Crytek UK*
Uncharted island in Micronesia. Boat destroyed. Get off the island!! 
2020. Graphically gorgeous. Nanosuits. 
Sergeant Cortez vs. Jacob Crow vs. Harry Tipper vs. Monkeys vs. Gingerbread Man 
Man wakes up in a medical research facility with severe amnesia. 
A drug named nectar alters what is real. Mantel vs. The Promised Hand. 
Side-scrolling platformer featuring everyone's favorite gorilla. 
The British secret agent's arguably finest outing. 
Bear and bird take on witch. Take time out to complete jigsaw puzzles. 
Squirrel woke up on the wrong side of bed. Context sensitive. 
Cheese on every level! Alien conspiracy. Female British secret agent. 
Computer role-playing game set in the Forgotten Realms. 
In a galaxy far far away... 
Defeat a powerful cult, find a cure for a plague and thwart an attack on the major city. 
'I am the vanguard of your destruction' 
In the Kingdom of Khanduras, rid the world of the Lord of Terror. 
A military science fiction real-time strategy video game. And the South Koreans LOVE IT. 
The King of all online role playing games. 'Nuff said. 
Rockstar Games
Notorious series. Murder, high-jack, assault, go bowling with your brother. 
Set in a school. Wreak havoc on your fellow class mates. 
Adult nature and extreme violence. Banned in some countries. 
Lionhead Studios
Be God! Look after the world or destroy it! 
RPG set in Albion. Kick chickens! 
Bungie (2002) 
Game Freak (1996) 
Infinity Ward (2003) 
Bethesda (2006) 
Bethesda (2008) 

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