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New Film PlotNew Film TitleOriginal Film Title
Nicolas Cage fixes the circulation aboard an airplane.
A literature group led by Colin Firth is the best at grammatical enunciation.
Glenn Close presents a handy guide to those who have recently purchased cetain spotty dogs.
Jeremy Renner feels emotional pain when assigned high school storage that is much smaller than everyone else's.
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton attack each other with golfing equipment.
Joseph Fiennes scours the work of England's greatest playwright for evidence of romance.
Ralph Fiennes waits in a long but polite queue in London.
Jessica Tandy wishes Morgan Freeman would quit hogging the wheel.
Kirk Douglas gives a talk on just how great sidewalks, pavements and trails can be.
Henry Fonda discovers the unexpected anger of small oval-shaped fruit.
Kevin Costner has recurring thoughts of agricultural land each night.
Gary Cooper feels great just as the clock ticks to midday.
Leonardo DiCaprio has the job of closing any sea-surrounded communities during storm season.

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