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I'm your alpha and omega, I am invincible.And Their Name Was Treason
I write so much and it makes me sick That is all About youAttack Of The Killer B-Sides
We'll keep this short and sweet so I'll get to the point!For Those Who Have Heart
We run this town and you cant fight us allHomesick
Yea, I want it but No, I dont need itHomesick
I'll rip that scandalous bitch in two! For Those Who Have Heart
I lay my life on the line so I expect nothing less from you What Separates Me From You
What's a few more units for your soul?For Those Who Have Heart
Try not to miss me when I'm goneHomesick
The only thing that is going to bother me is that you all call yourselves my friends For Those Who Have Heart
When everything would change we'd always stay the same What Separates Me From You
Here we go again, another night of being bummed What Separates Me From You
So run like hell, Sleep with one eye openHomesick
What a pretty picture, that chalk line on the ground. I hope you die!For Those Who Have Heart
You always have so much to say but it's never to our faces I'm right hereAnd Their Name Was Treason
The end is not about what you haveWhat Separates Me From You
This is a battleground Homesick
We draw the line at being in your life. Heres to the man of the hourHomesick
I was just another promise that you couldn't keepFor Those Who Have Heart
I had the greatest faith in fools, i turn my back and out came the wolvesHomesick
We'll let them know that your biggest fear is letting go For Those Who Have Heart
You can start taking notes On how this all started again.What Separates Me From You

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